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The Rise of AI: A Force for Good or Bad?
The fear surrounding AI is often misplaced, as machines themselves do not pose a direct danger. Pop culture representations of AI as menacing, such as the rogue HAL 9000 in '2001: A Space Odyssey', contribute to this misconception.
Fake wine: What's in your cellar?
Wine is one of the world's oldest luxury products; a product that has been in continual demand. Because of its allure, it has been a target for fraudsters of all kinds. Some sources suggest that between 10-20 percent of all wine has been tampered with.
Vertical farming: Striking a green home run is never too late
All over the planet a picture is emerging of our rapid and relentless human activity, through our destructive power we have put ourselves first, and now the consequences are beginning to appear all over our blue planet. We are headed for potential disaster with all life as we know it.
The dawn of the commercial space age: an ever expanding industry
An expanding universe filled with scarce resources builds a financially lucrative case for commercial exploitation of space. And now we are witnessing a revival of the space industry due to high levels of private funding, advances in technology and growing public-sector interest.