Kenneth B Lokind
Pharmaceutical expert, Educated Ph.D.(pharm) and HD(O). After 30 years at Novo Nordisk, now owner and full-time employee of the pharmacy group. Part-time potter and Connoisseur.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Fake wine: What's in your cellar?
Wine is one of the world's oldest luxury products; a product that has been in continual demand. Because of its allure, it has been a target for fraudsters of all kinds. Some sources suggest that between 10-20 percent of all wine has been tampered with.
Inside the billion-dollar counterfeit drug industry
Global affairs
The sale of counterfeit drugs is lucrative for criminal groups and can, according to reports, be more profitable in certain areas than the trade in hard drugs. At the same time, the risk of being prosecuted is small because it is difficult to trace the goods back through complex supply chains.

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