Peter Kimathi Taankvist
Is Macron on the wrong side of history?
International politics
Or look at his recent trip to Ukraine, where his first-class acting skills were on display, smiling a bit too much for the occasion and waving profusely to the crowds as some political hopeful returning to the provinces to secure votes.
Turgenev and the Russian enigma
The Stalin-esque censorship witnessed today deprives the Russians of using art as a means to spur political change. But it also makes it impossible for us looking in from the outside to grasp the current state of the Russian people.
Boris and the return of liberalism
International politics
It may be that the sight of bloodshed on the European continent touches upon something instinctually in us, recognizing that for all the tumult this last decade, the West still has precious to offer in democracy, free speech, rule of law, and pluralism.

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